Saturday, January 10, 2009

The hug

Near and dear, about household affairs rather than housework - guilt still gets to me all the time - will never leave me - and perhaps it's well-deserved.

you were a lost soul
who couldn't find himself and
I couldn't help you
find you either.
every day became harder,
more stressful, more depressful,
for you
and for me
and for our beautiful girls.
where to turn?
you turned to me
for the simplest of things
a hug
'i need a hug'
and I refused
not giving you a hug until after
of a heart attack


Beverley Anne said...

I am leaving a comment just in case anyone else should make one - my husband did indeed die suddenly of a heart attack on the same day that I refused his request for a hug - he never knew that I still cared for him and loved him. I always hug my partner now and my children - we just never know.

narayanan said...

Hug- a great treatment to the distressed heart. Many a physical diseases would have disappeared if we had known to show our care and affection with a hug. Remorse is certainly a feeling that will make us feel ill during the rest of our life. todd

meggie said...

That is so sad. Please don't feel guilty though. I believe we all do the best we can in any given situation. And we learn about our mistakes on our life journey!

I must say, the housework does not appeal to me. I am really lucky, since retiring, my GOM does all the vacuuming, & most of the tidying!