Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I'm a housework freak! I've gone through the whole house - tortured myself because it was over 40 degrees (can never find that symbol) outside - but I kept going and going! My eldest daughter (bless her heart) decided (on the very day that the house was IMMACULATE) to cook dinner at my place and have her girlfriends round for a swim. I was so paranoid about things getting messy again that she must have thought I was...paranoid! So I'm still going around with wipes and sprays (my friend who worries about the environment should note that I'm using environmentally friendly products)  driving everyone crazy - or out of the house (preferably out of the house so that it can stay tidy).

So this is what being obsessive about housework is all about - do I like the new me? Well it probably won't last beyond a few days so I guess I should enjoy the guilt-free days and then work out a PLAN! 

I don't think those who love me will love me much longer if I don't get back to the normal, not doing THE housework, me!

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